For her eyes had a different Perception and the Pages were Half Written.


Aren’t we all naked? Physically, mentally and emotionally. We all have a person, who has seen our naked soul, body or mind. Our naked beauty mesmerizes them, only to want them more. Making them all come back again. We have our dirty secrets, standing bare in front of that one person. Unashamed, unjudged but loved. Your nakedness holds a value in their heart. And soon you start to need them too. You’re vulnerable, gullible and weak. And then they leave. You are too much for them to handle. Too much to consume. Being alone, you cover yourself up. Covering yourself in layers innumerable.
And then you meet someone again. This time, they are bare in front of you. Smiling at their nakedness you fall in love with them.
Yes, we are all naked, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The killing.

She bent low and touched her mother-in-law’s feet. “Stay blessed. ” She said. Blessed? Dark shadows torture me every day. After dark, those hands come at me. Tear away my pride. Only cloth on me is in my mouth. Cannot raise a voice, asked to shush away because he is my husband. Husband? He is a devil in disguise.
20 days later, there is blood spattered on her face and a loaded gun in her hand. She smiled at his dead body as she ended that devil.

Damaged beauty like the Moon

Unloved, unknown and unbeautiful. She walked in the corridors like a ghost of someone dreadful. Alone, cold and faraway. She looked at everyone with awe. Someone looked at her with love. For him her beauty was perfect even when flawed. Wanting to hold her and touch her, He tried so much. Alone, cold, faraway, she walked unaware. Days passed, they never met, always miles away even in a room of few meters. He sent her a letter, confessing about his love. He calls her damaged as damaged as the moon. Beautiful, loved and known. He called her beauty as the damaged moon. She sent the letter back with words written on it. Words which said ‘our paths are never meant to be crossed for you, you are my earth and I am your moon.’